“That Is Crazy” – Fisherman Surprised To Catch A Bull Shark In Texas River

bull shark texas river

That’s not where that’s supposed to be.

You never really know what to expect in the state of Texas, besides the age-old-adage that everything is bigger in the Lone Star State. Those that live near the Guadalupe River in Texas are certainly caught off guard after an interesting fishing video went viral.

There’s a large mass of people freaking out after a shark was allegedly caught in the Guadalupe, which is one of the most popular recreational rivers in Texas. No one knows if the video is legit, or if it was a staged stunt, but if it is true, an angler fishing off the bank reeled in a bull shark out of the Texas river.

The fisherman landed the shark with a gaff (that he apparently had in hopes of catching alligator gar), and had this to say as they brought the bull shark closer to the bank:

“Over here fishing at the Guadalupe River and look what we got on. A shark… bro what? That is crazy.”

It really is, and the only thing that’s crazier is that the two anglers reportedly released the shark back into the river due to it being below the legal harvest limit. If you are sitting there wondering, “How does a shark end up in a freshwater river?,” that’s a great question, And the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department seems to have the answer to that, as it explains on it’s informational website.

They suggest that finding a bull shark far up river is not all that uncommon:

“Bull sharks are common off the coast of Texas and live in most of the subtropical and tropical oceans of the world. Unlike most sharks, bull sharks can live in fresh as well as salt water. Here in Texas, they’ve been found many miles upriver from the Gulf.”

Well there you go. Maybe that’s all we need to know to verify that the TikTok below, which has garnered over 50,000 likes on the social media platform, just might be legitimate:

@jonathanaguayo5 Bullshark caught in the Guadalupe river in texas #fishing #texasfishing #guadaluperiver ♬ original sound – Bigjon69

When most Texans hear the Guadalupe River, they envision the tourist attraction that is the clear portion of the waterway that brings in hundreds of thousands tubers every summer.

The portion shown in the TikTok above is reportedly far from the inner tubing section, but that didn’t stop one city in Texas from making a joke about the shark sighting:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock