Luke Combs Releases Teaser For “Ain’t No Love In Oklahoma” Music Video From New ‘Twisters’ Movie

Luke Combs
Luke Combs

No one can spin up a song around a natural disaster better than Luke Combs.

The “Hurricane” singer is dipping into the tropical storm’s cousin, the tornado, for his newest song “Ain’t No Love In Oklahoma.” Combs’ new song obviously ties into the Twister remake that’s planning on storming to the box office later this summer (July 19th to be exact).

As for Luke’s song itself, it’ll get a two month head start on the movie it’s featured on. Combs announced last week that “Ain’t No Love In Oklahoma” will be sent to country radio with a release date of May 16th, just a couple of days away now.

“Pumped to let y’all know my next single on country radio will be ‘Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma’ – a song written for and featured in the ‘Twisters’ movie. The song and music video will be out May 16 at 8 AM ET.”

Though one of the first trailers for the film featured a small snippet of Combs’ new track, the teaser he released today gave a much better sneak peak at the Twister-themed, or at least Twister-adjacent song. And let me be the first to tell you that if you love seeing an angry, fired up Luke Combs sing in the pouring rain (with a CGI nader close by), this music video is going to speak your language.

The whole thing isn’t out just yet (it will be on May 16th), but this teaser will surely hold you over until the official song and music video drop. You can tell that Luke Combs is excited to let this single loose:

“Here’s a music video teaser for ‘Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma.’ Song and music video out THIS Thursday, May 16 at 8 AM ET!”

C’mon… we really have to wait a couple more days for the whole thing?

Storms, particularly tornadoes, are as unpredictable as they come. Maybe Luke Combs will put out a “New Single Advisory” and allow for it to touch down a little earlier than expected. I know all of the fans in the comments would certainly enjoy that:

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