GOOD BOY! Dog Catches Home Run Ball At College Baseball Game

dog catchers home run

A feel good story about a real good boy.

In case you were wondering, that was supposed to rhyme somewhat. I was trying to craft an intro to a story that deserves and demands so much. There was no other choice but to try and fetch some of my best work to honor this video of a dog catching a home run ball.

The act of catching a dinger hit outside of the ballpark is no easy task. Just ask this grown man who was at a LSU game with a baseball glove and somehow managed to take a homer right to the dome. Even when the ball is hit right towards you and its right there for the taking, you still have to make a play.

This guy did the exact opposite:

That guy needs to take some notes on this video of a dog in the outfield lawn seating of a Utah-Arizona college baseball game. The Wildcats of Arizona had a commanding lead in the top of the 9th inning, and they added to that with a two-run homer that packaged a baseball and delivered it beyond the outfield wall.

The ballpark the game took place in (Smith’s Ballpark in Salt Lake City) has open lawn seating beyond the left and right field fencing, and it was there some baseball fans had sat down to take in the game with their beloved pet dogs. Nothing goes together better than baseball and dogs… though its usually hot dogs that are common in baseball stadiums.

Utah evidently lets people bring their doggos to the ballpark, and I’m glad they do, because we got this amazing home run catch because of it. One of Arizona’s hitters blasted the baseball over the left field fence, and a golden retriever was right there to grab it.

But unlike the LSU fan above who tried to catch the ball as it was in flight, this good boy (or good girl) waited for the baseball to hit the turf before it collected it. That’s never a bad idea if you aren’t so confident in your catching abilities, and to be specific, it’s a golden retriever, not a golden catcher. Gotta let the ball land first so you can retrieve it.

The broadcast celebrated the home run for what it was worth, but they really focused in on the dog that caught the homer (and then got chased around by kids who wanted the ball) as the Arizona player circled the bases. Check it out:

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