Antonio Brown’s CTESPN May Or May Not Have Broken Russell Wilson Signing With The Steelers Days Early

Antonio Brown

Oh, where to begin with this, and by “this” I mean anything to do with Antonio Brown.

The man is a disgrace, and was a disgrace well before his recent doozy of a response to being arrested for outstanding child support payments. That response was, and I quote, “**** child support.” That’s not even to mention how Brown single-handedly torpedoed the National Arena League’s Albany Empire franchise as majority owner. Absolute clown show.

Brown was once a great NFL wide receiver, but other than that, you can’t say much positive about him. Unless, of course, his fledgling sports media outlet, CTESPN, did in fact break the news that Russell Wilson is signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers way before anyone else did. AB claims this to be the case.

Hey AB, if you’re going to get into the news-breaking game, “most trusted source” would be a good way to commence stating your case. But hey, just a minor detail. Who am I to nitpick?

Whether it’s spelling something correctly on a breaking news report, or actually paying the Albany Empire players who competed for the team he owned before causing it to fold, AB isn’t exactly hung up on the finer points of his various off-field ventures. If anything casts him in a bad light, his recent tactic is to pop off and call somebody a cracker.

Even the most widely-known NFL insider Adam Schefter isn’t safe from such racially-charged insults:

“Business Boomin” is AB’s catchphrase/personal philosophy/smash hit song, and you can tell he believes that is his reality. Yeah dawg, you’re KILLIN’ IT. Just look at how your music inspires people:

Imagine being part of AB’s yes-man posse, or having anything to do with the creation and maintenance of CTESPN. What a desperate crew of hangers-on that group must be.

Looks like we’ll find out soon enough if CTESPN is for real if they actually give some indication as to where Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields will play in 2024 before the news becomes official.

I wonder who AB’s sources are. Since he had his best NFL years as a player in Pittsburgh, it’s possible that he’s still plugged-in there. However, given how much of a P.O.S. human being he is and how the Steelers wanted nothing to do with him once he left, it’s hard to determine who’d give him or his CTESPN minions insider info.

The only “in” I can think of might be via Maurkice Pouncey. The nine-time Pro Bowl center is beloved in Pittsburgh, but as he showed when wearing a “Free Hernandez” hat in support of literal confirmed murderer Aaron Hernandez, Pouncey is not above maintaining relationships with men of dubious character. Pouncey could still have contacts with the Steelers. Unclear what his relationship to AB is these days, nor do I care to research it.

Anyway, this was fun. Don’t think I’m big-time enough to be called a cracker by Antonio Brown, but at least anyone reading this gets a comprehensive understanding of how much of a straight-up fraud AB is. In short, I will not be turning to CTESPN for breaking news as NFL free agency kicks off in earnest today.

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