Bull Elk Tangled Up In Rope Picks Fight With Another Elk In Colorado Creek

Bull elk fight

Apparently being self-lassoed doesn’t stop a bull elk from going on the offense.

This wild bull elk battle took place in Estes Park, Colorado, and that shouldn’t really be a surprise. There are an estimated 280,000 elk that live in Colorado, which gives the state the largest concentrated population of elk in the world. That actually makes the “Centennial State” a popular tourist destination, and one of the more popular visited places is Estes Park, Colorado.

I’ve never been myself, but from what I hear and see online, elk are roaming all over the place in the town that acts as a makeshift base for the Rocky Mountain National Park. With that many of one species packed into one place, there’s naturally going to be some fighting between the macho elk that are competing for dominance and territory.

These two bull elk were locked into a session of antler clashing right in the middle of a creek, and I’m not sure it was a fair fight exactly. One of the males was tangled up in rope, but that didn’t stop it from having a violent push-and-pull with a non-tangled-up opponent.

Props to the bull elk with rope wrapped around its rack for not shying away from a battle. It surprisingly held its own in the fight, and one could argue that it was actually the enforcer in the land and water scuffle. The roped elk actually managed to push the other bull all the way out of the creek and up the bank, so if you had to declare a winner in the match up, it might just be the one that was all tangled up.

Not only did it win in the clash with the other bull elk, but it also won in another way not too long after this video was shot. The person filming stated that they contacted wildlife officials about the rope around the elk’s antlers, and they quickly arrived and took care of the issue:

“This bull elk became tangled in some rope that was around the greens on the golf course in Estes Park Colorado. I called Colorado Parks and Wildlife and they came, tranquilized him and removed the rope.”

Sounds like a win-win to me. Getting tranqued probably wasn’t all that great, though I’m sure it was relieved when it came to and didn’t have ropes hanging around its antlers anymore. You can view the bull elk battle before the rope removal in the clip below:

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