JJ Watt Takes It Back To 1999 With Spiked Hair, & Twitter Served Him With A Proper Super Bowl Roast

JJ Watt Super Bowl
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JJ Watt is rightfully resting his body in retirement after putting it through the wringer for 12 NFL seasons as one of the greatest defensive linemen the sport has ever seen. However, Watt is still keeping active around the game with his gig as an analyst for CBS.

Here this man was, just trying to do his job and set the stage for what wound up being an epic Super Bowl LVIII won in overtime by the Kansas City Chiefs. It wasn’t so much the substance of Watt’s analysis that didn’t quite land with the millions upon millions of viewers, but rather the style. As in the new hairdo Watt was rocking. The beloved longtime Houston Texan opted to turn the clock back to around the time he was drafted out of Wisconsin with a full-blown ’90s spike situation.

All he needed was an extra splash of color and he’s be sporting 100% vintage frosted tips. Watt noticed the stir his dome created on social media and took it all in stride with a humorous response:

These reactions, though… Please do enjoy them.

Look at how prominent that spiky look was back in the aughts! It was most definitely a thing. Almost positive I rocked that ‘do for a while in late elementary/early middle school. Credit JJ for having the audacity to sort of try to bring it back. I feel like all the backlash is more in good fun and less about how Watt actually looks.

I mean hey, if that’s what Watt wants to do with his enviable full-not-even-the-suggestion-of-balding at age 34, more power to him. Jealous, infertile scalps across the nation might lament his decision, but it’s his body, his choice, alright? Leave JJ alone, y’all!

OK but really, JJ Watt is already quite the endearing guy for how great he was on the field and his involvement in philanthropic initiatives. It’s nice that he doesn’t have too big of a head to take the piss out of himself in front of the entire sports world. I’m keen to see how Watt’s broadcasting career unfolds in the coming years. In a twist of irony, just like when he was a player, he may very well be chasing Tom Brady someday. TB12 is at the rival network FOX and will be on the call for next year’s Super Bowl.

While Brady is fast-tracking his way to the actual broadcasting booth, Watt may wind up being the injection of life the CBS studio show needs. That’s years down the road, though. Right now, it’s all about a “will he or won’t he” scenario for Watt with regard to his spunky spikes.

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