“We’re Not Done” – Immediately After Leading A Super Bowl-Winning Overtime Drive, Patrick Mahomes Was Hungry For More Rings


It’s the Kansas City Chiefs’ world when it comes to the NFL, and really professional sports at large. Those of us non-Chiefs stans are merely living in it as helpless witnesses, but given that Kansas City has now won three of the last five Super Bowls after a thrilling 25-22 OT win over the San Francisco 49ers, the NFL’s other 31 franchises have to be grieving most of all.

As long as the superstar trio of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce and head coach Andy Reid are in place, this Chiefs organization has the chance to dominate the league and forge a dynasty that may very well rival the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady New England Patriots. Just like the Pats, these Chiefs have won three of four titles, but unlike New England, they’ve had multiple years of preceding success and an additional Super Bowl appearance.

To endure the marathon that is an NFL season is no small feat. To dominate the competition to the degree that Kansas City has is mind-boggling. This wasn’t the prettiest season. This wasn’t the typical Chiefs offense. Hell, Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas was a damn ugly game until the dazzling finish. Nevertheless, the Chiefs prevailed.

And you know what else it takes to get to the pinnacle of professional sports? A killer competitive fire from within. Mahomes has that in spades, as was evident in his postgame interview when he was immediately looking ahead to lifting his next Lombardi Trophy before he even got a grasp on his third!

When Tracy Wolson asked the question, “So is it a dynasty now?” here was Mahomes’ response:

“Yeah. It’s the start of one. We’re not done. I know we’re gonna celebrate tonight […] but we’re not done. We’ve got a young team, and we’re gonna keep this thing going.”

You know what’s even cooler? Calling your f*cking shot before Super Bowl Sunday.

When Mahomes finally did get to the celebratory podium, he made an apropos-for-Vegas dig at the bookmakers for making the 49ers favorites prior to kickoff.

Call him corny, weird-voiced, or be annoyed all you want about his complaining to the officials. How can you not appreciate Mahomes’ greatness, or at least believe all the big talk he’s talking? Dude is backing it up to say the least. Plus, he’s only going to turn 29 next season, so the prime of his career is straight ahead. His No. 1 wide receiver, Rashee Rice, is a rookie. Kelce doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, in spite of the fact that he could ride into the sunset, enjoy retirement, and possibly, you know, marry Taylor Swift.

I’m 99.9999% certain Kelce still has some gas in the tank if his clutch fourth quarter catch-and-run was any indication.

The bigger-picture data also backs up the notion that Mahomes is hinting at, which is that Kansas City is far from done taking home titles and having victory parades with the NFL’s ultimate prize.

What I find scariest about the Chiefs is how damn good their defense played this season with so many young players. They carried the team amid the offense’s struggles, and obviously came up with a lot of huge plays against the 49ers.

Such an unreal game. Patrick Mahomes has the accolades, the competitive mania and the freakish physical gifts that he continues to build and improve upon to really win as many Super Bowls as he wants to. The rest of the NFL is screwed.

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