Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Share On Field Kiss After Chiefs’ Super Bowl Win, Send Swifties Into A Frenzy

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It’s going to be a long offseason for the other teams in the NFL, knowing that the Kansas City Chiefs will be going for a three-peat of Super Bowls next season after they just topped the San Francisco 49ers in overtime to become the first back-to-back champs since the dynastic New England Patriots.

But those who actively hate Taylor Swift, and specifically her relationship with Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce, might have even darker days ahead. Hate to say I told y’all so: Once T-Swift got that swaggy Kelce No. 87 jacket, Kansas City started playing their best ball of the year.

My theory was that the jacket would be the object of destiny that would guard against any sort of Taylor Swift curse — not a real thing, Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are impervious to such imagined nonsense — and, yup, it was proven to be irrefutable fact in the end.

Haters are going to be siiiiiiick to see these moments between Taylor and Travis. It’s hard for me to understand why that is.

Couldn’t agree more with Nate Burleson. So many people actively boo and root against these two. Not only do they despise their personalities for reasons unknown; they actively want their relationship to not work out. To those folks: Have you not heard Taylor’s music? While I’m sure she isn’t faultless in all of her romantic endeavors, you can’t tell me she hasn’t had some rotten luck and no shortage of sh*thead boyfriends.

Taylor flew all the way from Tokyo just to make it to the Super Bowl. She’s been there for Travis at every turn on his latest run to the Lombardi Trophy. She’s taken a genuine interest in football and seems to have a genuine appreciation for what her boo accomplished. What’s wrong with all that?

Look at how lovingly Taylor is looking on as Travis RIPS Viva Las Vegas from the victory podium, and of course, his standard party chant/anthem:

If pulling for this mega-famous duo is wrong, I don’t want to be right. This coming from someone who isn’t a simp for celebs whatsoever.

Let’s round this out by talking about the gridiron side of things. Kelce continues to be an outstanding football player, with a one-of-one ESP connection with Mahomes that paid off big time on Super Bowl Sunday to the tune of nine catches on 10 targets for 93 yards. He’ll turn 35 in October. He should have at least two, maybe three good seasons left in him.

Even if, as he gets older, he’d have to sit out some games just to manage the wear and tear/father time, Kelce could still be a very effective weapon. Never seen anybody have his knack for settling into zones to get himself open. Nobody else can do it like him.

With Kelce still dialed in, the power of the Swiftie army rallying to support them, Mahomes in his prime and head coach Andy Reid no giving any public indications that he’s mulling retirement, the Chiefs’ burgeoning dynasty is officially here. Drink it all in!!

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