Kristin Juszczyk Designed Taylor Swift’s Custom Travis Kelce Jacket To Perfection

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Shout out to Kristin Juszczyk, wife of San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle, for being an incredible designer of clothing.

Juszczyk shared a video of her putting together a custom Travis Kelce jacket with his Kansas City Chiefs No. 87 jersey on it. As you might expect, it was for Kelce’s significant other Taylor Swift.

Check out the IG reel below, where Juszczyk spliced in footage of Swift’s arrival to Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday.

Yeah that’s gotta be a cool feeling. This isn’t the first time Juszczyk has created a special article for a high-profile client, either. Turns out, she’s made pieces for other 49ers like Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk.

She also hooked up Simone Biles with similar garb for her Green Bay Packers safety husband Jonathan Owens.

I can only assume it was Brittany Mahomes who turned Swift on to Juszczyk’s prowess.

Turns out, Juszczyk threads the needle like Patrick Mahomes does on the football field. Yes, I cringed while typing that. No, I’m not deleting it. I’m committed now…

Proud hubby chimed in, too. Might as well, since his 49ers are on a bye week as the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

It’s a good thing Kristin Juszczyk can stand on her own two feet. Not like her bae — haven’t used that term in a while — went to Harvard, is exceptional at professional football and makes millions of dollars as a member of a perennial playoff team and a Super Bowl contender.

No but seriously, genuine hat tip to Kristin Juszczyk. Amazing work. And better yet, the Chiefs’ offense had struggled, and although Kelce endured some dropsie problems early on against the Dolphins, he got on track enough to record seven catches for 70 yards on 10 targets in frigid conditions where the windchill was well below zero.

Maybe the haters who say T. Swift is bad luck for Kelce or is cursing the Chiefs can read those numbers and weep. Joke’s on them. We might be onto something here. Everyone knows how superstitions can take hold in sports. This custom Kelce jacket could be the MacGuffin good luck charm Kansas City needs to snap out of its season-long funk and mount a legit defense of the Lombardi Trophy as reigning Super Bowl champs.

I guess time will tell. In all likelihood, the Chiefs will hit the road next week to battle the Bills, whose game for tomorrow was postponed till Monday.

How about that two-day rest advantage for KC!? See what I’m saying? All the backlash taken out on hardcore Swifties will not last! Karma shall prevail! The Kelce jacket will be the stuff of legend!

Now leave me alone while I go drill my skull to oblivion on how to spell “Juszczyk” as effortlessly as I can rip off my man and fellow Miami University (Ohio) alum, Wally Szczerbiak. Never noticed before that they have the S-Z-C-Z” in common and it’s blowing my mind.

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