It’s Actually Frightening How Fast A Black Bear Can Climb A Tree

Bear climbs a tree
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Pretty much everyone knows black bears are good climbers, but I’m doubtful most people realize just how fast they can scale a tree.

This video shows a decent sized black bear getting to the top of a tree that’s at least 50 feet high in a matter of seconds, showing truly impressive agility that makes you respect the animals that are most often associated with eating from trashcans and raiding birdfeeders.

It really gives credence to the notion that there is nowhere to hide from a bear, even the least aggressive black bear. You can’t out run it (they can sprint 30 mph), you can’t outswim it (they can reach 3-5 mph, which may not seem fast but the human average goes 2 mph), and you can’t out climb it… so yeah, you’re toast if one wants to get you.

Black bears are the most common bear in America, with a population estimated to be 250,000 to 300,000 spread across 41 states and the numbers continue to grow each year, meaning more and more of these beasts could show up in your yard at anytime. As you’ll soon be aware, if one is chasing you, don’t climb into a tree because they are more than at home in the high limbs.

Stay safe out there…

Grizzly Runs Alongside Car Going Nearly 40 MPH

Think you can outrun a grizzly bear? Think again…

Reaching speeds around 35 miles per hour, they can run faster than any human can run, even the fastest to ever live. Even world-class sprinters like Usain Bolt top out south of 30 miles per hour (his record is just below 28 miles per hour).

Needless to say, there’s a reason why they tell you not to run away from a bear if you come across one in the woods. One: you can trigger its chase response, and Two: it’ll run you down in seconds.

In this video here, a car is driving along a mountain road when they spot a bear on the side and speed up to catch up to its sprint. Topping out near 40 miles per hour, this bear was hauling. It’s insane, and perhaps kind of frightening, to watch such a big, powerful beast move that fast.

I mean, the can swim, they can run, some bears can climb trees, they can smell for miles… bigger, fast, stronger, they have you beat six ways to Sunday.

Here’s another car keeping up with a bear in Colorado.

Filmed near Colorado Springs, this fella is TRUCKIN’.

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