Black Bear Walks On Its Hind Legs To Carry Garbage Can Away From Connecticut Home

black bear

You can “bear proof” your garbage cans all you want to, but it looks like bruins are evolving to the point where it won’t even matter.

This Connecticut home might have to look into securing or fastening their trash cans down after this black bear decided to take it “to-go.” Security cameras mounted on the house and pointed towards the driveway captured the trash theft taking place in broad daylight.

Bears have long been known to get into trash cans, which is why many in bear territory are now specially designed to deter the paws of pesky bruins. However, they usually just take things out of the garbage, as opposed to taking all of the trash, can and all.

After this bear tried to crack the container open, it finally said “the hell with this” and figured it could just carry off the whole thing instead. When the video starts, the black bear chomps down on the top of the closed can and begins dragging it back towards the woods.

The black bear even got up on its hind legs and walked backwards with it, and as the legendary San Diego newscaster Ron Burgundy once said:

“I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.”

If a bear smells food, it’s going to find it, and then its going to do whatever it takes to get it and eat it. We’ve seen stuff like this countless times before (like this bear that snuck into a kitchen and took lasagna out of the freezer), and this trash-can-stealing-bear can be added to the long list of examples.

And I feel like it’s rare to see a bear stand up like a human to get a task accomplished. Those hind legs had to be burning after it worked tirelessly to drag the garbage can away from the home and to a more discrete location.

I just wish we could’ve seen the black bear eventually break into the trash can, because you know that it didn’t go through all of that trouble to abandon the trash heist.

Take a look:

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A beer bottle on a dock