The Internet Speculates After Morgan Wade & Kyle Richards Delete All Traces Of Each Other On Instagram

Morgan Wade Kyle Richards
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Right after the season finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Morgan Wade, and Kyle Richards deleted all traces of their friendship from social media.

Hi, Mary Claire here, one of Whiskey Riff’s writers and pop-culture fanatic. This story dates back to the summer when rumors were swirling that Morgan Wade and cast member Kyle Richards had a secret love affair. Social media was confused about how two women cut from very different clothes could only be friends.

They quickly shut down the rumors, even playing into them in a cheeky music video where Richards played Wade’s love interest. While the two were standing firm on the basis that they were just friends, I went into the season ready to see these two interact with each other. As an avid fan of the Housewives franchise, I was dialed in since the start of this season of Beverly Hills, ready for all the Morgan Wade cameos, but it seems there are some rocky waters after the airing of the season.

Shortly after the season wrapped and the reunion was filmed, Morgan Wade deleted all posts from her Instagram. While she has now put back up her tour dates, she cleared her feed of all personal posts, including ones with BFF Richards. Kyle then followed suit, deleting all pictures of the two together.

So, is this a PR stunt to get eyes back on their friendship amid Richards’ documentary production about Wade’s life? Or is this the end of their friendship? Or was all of this a PR stunt?

Naturally, rumors of Richards and Wade being in a complicated romance have resurfaced as fans of both the show and Morgan Wade’s music are questioning what is happening here.

Will we ever know what happened here? It’s likely a no, but regardless, it’s strange that these two spent so much time defending their stance on their friendship just for it to fall apart a few months later.

Check out some of the conspiracies going around social media right now.

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At least Wade and Richards had some fun sending the internet into a spiral with the “Fall In Love With Me” music video before their friendship seemed to fall apart.

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