Morgan Wade Says Kyle Richards “Stalked Her” To Become Friends On ‘The Real Housewives’ Debut

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Morgan Wade

This is the Super Bowl of The Real Housewives episodes for us Bravo fans.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode where Morgan Wade makes her appearance is finally here. Last night, there was a scene where Wade joined cast member and best friend Kyle Richards to get a tattoo.

Months ago, rumors swirled the internet about whether the two were sparking up more than a friendship, with Richards announcing a split from her husband. The two have since cleared the rumors, noting that they are just friends, and played into the rumors for Wade’s video “Fall In Love With Me.”

However, the airing of these moments might reignite internet sleuths’ thoughts. But as Wade has mentioned before, the internet is a dumb place.

During last night’s episode scene, Wade and Richards open up about how their friendship blossomed. While Wade was helping Richards pick out a new tattoo, the two started talking about Richard’s newfound love for tattoos. Wade said that she got into an argument on Instagram defending Richard’s choice, as fans had said she was trying to morph into Wade, who is heavily inked.

After hearing the conversation, The tattoo artist asked how Richards and Wade became friends.

“She stalked me.”

Richards quickly responded.

“I did. I stalked her. I heard Morgan’s music, and I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ Who is this girl with this voice and these lyrics.'” 

Morgan then notes that Richards shared one of her songs to her Instagram story, tagging her in an effort to get her attention. When Wade’s friends saw it, they freaked out that the reality TV star knew who Wade was.

“Morgan is 100% herself. No excuses, no apologies, and there was something very freeing about to me. I’m someone who is always so worried about everything being so together and perfect; I honestly was really just taken by that.”

Later in the episode, Richards gives Wade a tattoo, and the two seem like they genuinely are great friends. I guess the saying ‘opposites attract’ extends beyond romantic relationships.

If you haven’t checked out the steamy music video where the two give the middle finger to the romance rumors, check it out while you’re here/

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