Whiskey Myers’ “B*tch” Is Still An Ultimate Gym Power Ballad

Whiskey Myers
Whiskey Myers

If you’ve not tuned in to the Whiskey Riff Country Workout Playlist yet, I’m here to tell you: Run, don’t walk to get it downloaded before your next gym session.

As certified, this playlist will have you ready to run through a brick wall.

I’ve been using the playlist as background music for several weeks of gym visits, and it’s got a little of everything – slow builds, steady tempos, even some unsuspecting favorites like Toby Keith’s “A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action,” which is surprisingly relevant when you’re working out.

And if you’re a lady, there are some awesome female power jams in the mix that are guaranteed to fire you up, like Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” Which now includes the tagline, “Okay, so you’re Ryan Reynolds,” which I dutifully sing along to in the middle of work outs. The lesser-known Miranda Lambert anthem, “Locomotive,” also impresses on the playlist.

But even though this playlist is exemplary top-to-bottom, there is one song in particular that caught me off guard as my favorite. After you make your way through the “Watermelon Crawl” and the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” you’ll get a taste of “Bitch” by Whiskey Myers, and the song just hits different in the gym.

This track was originally released by the group to express their frustration with country radio and the tired, repetitive country anecdotes, which most of us understand.

But in the gym, the frustration and intense rhythmic build of the song really makes you feel like a force to be reckoned with, and maybe a little too capable at times.

Honestly, this jam rocks in the gym and makes a notable difference. It’s almost guaranteed to help you snag that new PR, but you’ll just have to test that theory for yourself.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

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