The Whiskey Riff Country Workout Playlist Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Brick Wall

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

Motivation? We got it.

Sometimes is hard to drag your ass outta bed and over to the gym, but once you get there, you’re always glad that you did. And what’s the cornerstone of any good workout? The pump up music.

You want to run 10 miles? Turn this up. You want to bench press a Volkswagen? Turn this up. You just want something to listen to while you lazily cruise around the gym and try to meet people? Don’t do that… but turn this up.

And hey, maybe the past couple years of this pandemic bullshit has left you lookin’ a little fluffy (raises hand)… I mean, they don’t call it the quarantine 15 for nothing.

But summer is just about here and there isn’t a better time to get back into the swing of things, get back to peak physical fitness, and to get back to lookin and feelin’ great. This is the playlist that is going to get you there.

Today is the day, let’s get after it.

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“Day drinking season is HERE… get in shape.”

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