Shania Twain Hilariously Calls Out Ryan Reynolds During Performance Of “That Don’t Impress Me Much” At People’s Choice Awards

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It’s no secret that Shania Twain is hard to impress.

And she let it be known loud and clear last night at the People’s Choice Awards, where she performed a medley of some of her biggest hits, like “Any Man of Mine,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” and her recent single, “Waking Up Dreaming.”

But she had to call out one individual in particular during her bit of “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” switching out the lyric that typically says “Okay, so you’re Brad Pitt,” to “Okay, so you’re Ryan Reynolds.”

And Ryan was sitting right there in the audience, and he seemed a little caught off guard to hear Shania singing his name, though he clearly thought it was very funny and seemed to get a kick out of it.

Shania shared the clip on Twitter, tagging Ryan and saying:

“Sorry not sorry @VancityReynolds. #PCAs @peopleschoice.”

He clearly took it in good fun, replying that there wasn’t a better person in the world that he could not impress all that much:

“I can’t think of a more iconic, smart and beautiful person to not impress all that much. Thank you for an amazing night, @ShaniaTwain.”

Safe to say, Ryan seems like a BIG Shania guy:

Shania was there to perform, and also to accept the Musical Icon award.

She gave a great speech, saying in part:

“Thank you so much for presenting me with this award and for highlighting my work as… as having a significant impact. I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to say, but i just feel that’s always my wish to inspire people with my music.

I always miss my mother right now in these moments right now at these moment sin my life. She would’ve loved watching her little girly living this moment right now… It never occurred to me how powerful lyrics can become, when you are able to record them and share them, I mean, with the whole world.

It’s a great honor to be respected as a songwriter. But the biggest honor for me is knowing that people have, you know, somehow found strength and inspiration in what I have to say, in my work. So thank you, I love you for that.”

She also encouraged people to follow their dreams and embrace what makes them unique:

“I just want to say giddy up, kids. Embrace your individuality and your crazy ideas. Just be brave.

Let’s remember there is power in numbers, we are in this together, love is love and when a door slams in your face, run and leap at that door and kick it down.

You won’t regret. So all I have to say is, be the queen of you. Thank you!”

The queen of pop country always bringing a great perspective.

Shania recently announced a second leg to her 2023 world tour, in support of her forthcoming sixth studio album Queen of Me, which is slated to drop on February 3rd, 2023,

Also, she absolutely pulls off pink hair like nobody’s business, and I love everything about it.

You can watch her full performance here, and she totally brings it, per the usual:

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