Charles Wesley Godwin’s “Cue Country Roads” Is The Soundtrack For “2023 UFC Year In Review” And I’m Ready To Run Through A Brick Wall

Charles Wesley Godwin UFC
Charles Wesley Godwin

Charles Wesley Godwin eating big time.

As the end of 2023 comes closer and closer, we’ve been seeing no shortage of year end lists pop up.

Whether it’s the slew of Spotify Wrapped posts, streaming charts dominated by Morgan Wallen, or everyone’s Top Albums list (don’t worry, the Whiskey Riff Top 40 Albums list is coming soon), it’s always fun to take a look back on the year that was and remember some moments you have have forgotten about.

Well, sometimes it’s moments you wish you could forget, like the 5 Worst “Country Songs of 2023, but I digress…

Anyway, the UFC is gearing up to release a year end special to look back on the biggest moments from the best MMA promotion on the planet, and they decided to use one of the best songs of the year in their teaser hype video.

Charles Wesley Godwin released Family Ties, his third album, back in September and it was just as good as we could have expected from the West Virginia native after putting out the all-time great project How The Mighty Fall back in 2021.

This was his first album released since signing a record deal with Big Loud Records (the same as Morgan Wallen and Hardy), and while we always get a bit nervous that the product will change when suits and ties get involves, that was pushed aside after the first listen.

It turns out, the label actually just did what it was supposed to do and got Godwin some great publicity spots this year to push his music out to larger audiences, like when he made his national TV debut and headlined the Mother Church for two sold-out shows, and now his music is being used as the backtrack for the UFC’s year end hype video.

Charles just took to social media to let fans know that the “2023 UFC Year in Review” special would be debuting on ESPN at 6pm ET on Christmas Eve, and also posted a killer teaser of the special set to “Cue Country Road,” the epic anthem that’s become a favorite of sports programs this year.

I could go on and on about how cool this is, but just watch the video for yourself and tell me you’re not ready to run through a brick wall…


Absolutely love to see Charles get his shine. He’s consistently been one of the best artists in the genre for years now and is truly one of the most humble, nicest people I’ve ever met.

The fact that he’s teaming up with the UFC is almost too much for me… My two favorite things all at once, I mean come on this is Christmas come early.

Hats off to CWG and the UFC. These guys sure know how to do it.

Be sure to check out the song’s music video which shines a light on life in Appalachia as well. It’s time well spent, I guarantee it.

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