Charles Wesley Godwin Shines A Light On Appalachian Life In “Cue Country Roads” Music Video

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If you aren’t on the Charles Wesley Godwin train yet, where have you been for the past four years?

The West Virginia native has some of the best vocals in all of non-mainstream country music, and along with that, he’s one of the best songwriters in the game as well.

Today, the man dropped what might turn out to be the album of the year, Family Ties, and one of its certified bangers is a little diddy called “Cue Country Roads.”

The song is an absolute boot stomper, an anthem dedicated to Appalachia.

“Cue Country Roads” immediately captures your attention from the get go, with the lyrics:

“I’ve been gone so long away from my home
Most outsiders with a gumption to roam
I used to live high beneath the mountain sky
If you asked me how I left, I couldn’t tell you why…”

I mean c’mon… throw in some hard charging guitar riffs and a nasty solo, and try to tell me that doesn’t make you want to drive through the mountains, and then maybe run through a brick wall afterwards.

But speaking of “Cue Country Roads,” Charles Wesley Godwin officially dropped the music video to the song today.

The video kicks off with CWG lost in the city (Boston), but quickly has a flashback that transports him back to Appalachia.

It features the gorgeous scenery that Appalachia has to offer, along with the hard working people that live there.

Check it out:

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