Mama Black Bear And Her Cub Forced To Scamper Up A Tree When Pack Of Wolves Attack

Mama bear scampers up tree from wolves

It’s a rare occurrence when two apex predators square up, but when it happens, it’s a sight to behold.

Although they’re the smallest of all North American bears, black bears are no slouch. Growing to 6 feet and 600 pounds, these creatures are capable of mauling wild boar, out maneuvering rabbits, and climbing all sorts of terrain, showing that their sometimes bumbling appearance hides some very impressive physical capabilities.

Wolves are hands down one of the coolest animals on the planet. The idea that there’s large packs of 175 pounds vicious dogs roaming areas of the country should strike chills in the hearts of nature enthusiasts everywhere, especially when you consider just how fast these guys can run and how violent they can be when they attack.

This video shows both of these creatures in action, but it’s clear who was the alpha in this moment.

A mama bear and her cub were doing their thing when the mother sensed some danger in the area and made her cub climb a tree to be safe. She then started sniffing around when seemingly out of nowhere a pack of wolves launched an attack on her. The bear wanted nothing to do with this and leaped high up onto the same tree and climbed to safety.

Sometimes it’s better to avoid a fight and just let the wolves move on past, and this was clearly one of those cases.

Even though they weren’t able to get anything to eat out of this encounter, mark down a win for the wild canines.


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