Shocked Tourists Watch Black Bear Maul Wild Boar In Gatlinburg’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park

black bear

This has to be one of the most brutal nature videos out there…

We all know just how incredible wildlife can be.

From bears celebrating the end of hibernation to herds of bison roaming the west, some sights are so incredible that words barely scratch the surface.

But on the other hand, nature can be downright tough to watch, like the scene tourists witnessed while visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park a few years ago.

While driving through the park, a group noticed a black bear in a full out war against a wild boar, and stopped to watch it unfold.

In the over 10 minute ordeal, the bear’s raw power and the boar’s toughness were on full display, both just fighting to live another day.

According to the Charlotte Observer, multiple groups stopped to witness the attack.

This is unbelievable. This is crazy. Man, he’s got blood all in his mouth… he about got his whole neck bit off.”

Safe to say, black bears aren’t always the cute and curious creatures we sometimes pretend they are.

Wild sights in the Great Smoky Mountains…

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