Black Bear Chases Down A Rabbit In The Middle Of The Road

Bear chases down rabbit

I have to be honest, I think the rabbit could’ve been a little better in its efforts to escape. Like… just run, dude.

Black bears are predictable but so smart. They can eat a lot of food, at times as much as 20,000 calories in a single day. Finding food is what takes up a majority of their time, but, they have the skills to do it. Their noses can pick up food from miles away and they will eat anything they think has a calorie in it.

Black bears will break into your vehicle just to lick up a crumb. They will smash garbage cans and eat every scrap you have. And while the prefer the path of least resistance, they will also hunt if the opportunity presents itself.

And the opportunity presented itself to this bear right in the middle of town.

These guys were watching a bear and rabbit when the unexpected happened.

“There’s a bear chasing a rabbit, what the f***”

“He got it, he got it! Oh my god”

The bear chases the rabbit around in a circle, but the rabbit almost seems overwhelmed at the thought of trying to run away. It slips in the gravel and the bear quickly hops right on top of it. Game over…

Nature doesn’t rest, even when you’re in town.

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