Breaking & Entering: Black Bear Climbs Through Second Story Window Of Colorado Home

Bear sneaks into window
The Independent

“Hey honey, do you mind closing that window? I want to make sure we don’t let any of the bears in.”

That’s what a Colorado homeowner wishes they would have said after a black bear scaled their house and entered into it through a second story winner. When you live out in bear country, anything can happen, and after you watch this video, you’ll realize that I really mean anything.

Thankfully, no one was harmed during this bear break in, though some household items and window blinds would beg to differ. I imagine that the homeowner chose to leave the second floor window open solely so they didn’t leave a first floor window open, thus leaving themselves vulnerable to a wild animal busting its way in.

As you can see, that didn’t work out, and a curious black bear was drawn to the open window like a cartoon character being carried on an animated scent trail by its nose to a windowsill with a pie sitting on it. Hopefully people understand that long-winded reference. I understand that can be a dated simile, and frankly, that makes me feel very old.

The caption of the video describes the scary situation that unfolded out in Colorado:

“A curious bear has been caught on camera hanging from the upstairs window of a house in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The huge beast appeared to be clinging on, before hauling himself up and into the house by chewing on a window frame.

Moments later, the blinds of the window could be seen falling down as the bear tore into them. Eventually, after causing the destruction inside, it made its way downstairs and came out via another window.”

Wow, the bear didn’t even have the decency to go back out the same window that it busted through? I’m sure the homeowner feels fortunate that nothing worse happened with a bear in their home, though the cleanup and window repair was undoubtedly a headache for the Colorado resident.

You can view the devious bear breaking and entering into the home below:

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A beer bottle on a dock