Deer And Coyotes Go Three-Vs-Three In All-Out Brawl Over Baby Fawn

Deer vs coyotes on golf course

I’m starting to think we should refer to golf courses as nature preserves at this point…

For years now we’ve been seeing awesome wildlife scenes play out right before golfers eyes while hitting the links, like this Florida golfer playing on while an alligator marches past and this black bear chasing a coyote, and now there’s another that, for my money, is the best scene on a golf course hands down.

While we don’t know where this took place, a group of guys were enjoying a beautiful sunny day when out of nowhere a frantic fight for life broke out right in front of them.

Three large mule deer and a young fawn found themselves in one of the worst situations they could imagine when a group of three coyotes decided to try and hunt down the fawn with a direct attack in broad daylight.

Mule deer significantly outsize coyotes, but the canines are smart animals and used their ability to distract and separate to make a few very solid passes at the fawn.

You really should watch the entire thing play out to get the full picture, but basically one coyote approached first and tried to play decoy while the others snuck in from behind. At one point, the poor fawn was grabbed and pinned down by a coyote, but the deer were quickly able to come over and put down a beating of hooves on the attacker.

The golfers were clearly uneasy with this situation and one kept asking if there was anything they could do. Obviously, they shouldn’t do anything and should just enjoy the rare scene play out in front of them, but the video’s caption confirms they drove through the middle of the melee and ran the coyotes off, letting the fawn live to see another day.

Regardless of how I feel about that, the fact we get to see a three on three match up of mule deer and coyotes absolutely makes my day.

Something about these videos just gets me invigorated.

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