Black Bear Chases Coyote Through The Middle Of Golf Course: “How Am I Supposed To Hit With That Going On?”


Golf is hard enough, but when the distractions get to this level, there’s no chance I’d still be standing where these guys were, let alone trying to play through. While out on what I assume to be a Canadian golf course due to the accents, a group of friends were interrupted by some wildlife.

We’ve seen no shortage of awesome nature videos from golf courses of late, like these two giant gators throwing down and this bobcat snagging a duck, and this one here is no different.

We don’t get to see what started the encounter, but it appears the coyote kept trying to approach a black bear for some reason, which naturally ticked off the bear and it started chasing the coyote, who would tuck tail and run away for a bit before repeatedly circling back to try and get close to the bear again.

Honestly, it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Coyotes are predators, it’s true, but they’re nothing compared to black bears, who are over 7 times their weight and could easily take out a decent sized pack if push came to shove.

But the best part of this video is obviously the commentary. Anyone who’s played a round of golf with the boys knows everyone is always ready to give some funny one liners, and this situation brought out the best in them.

“What the f*ck! Oh sh*t… this coyote and bear are going at it. How am I supposed to hit with this going on?

Buddy, why are you going back? 

Yo, this coyotes a little sh*t disturber.”

A+ work from the boys.

I can’t believe they stayed that close while the bear and coyote were going at it. I get there’s not a whole lot you can do if one locked onto you, but still, you can create some space to try and avoid getting bitten or worse.

Also, that guy actually kept playing while it was going down in front of him, I mean how ballsy is that? If he shanked it and it hit the bear, it wouldn’t be chasing that pesky coyote anymore, that’s for sure.

There really never is a boring day on the links.

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