Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Care About Risk Of Rushing Back From His Achilles Injury: “What’s The Worst That Can Happen?”

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I’m really hoping this quote doesn’t come back to haunt Aaron Rodgers…

The New York Jets quarterback is attempting to make history by becoming the fastest person to return to sports after tearing their achilles. People have called Rodgers crazy for trying to come back in the same year that he suffered a “season-ending” injury, but based on his recovery progress, and what he’s told the media, he looks to be proving everyone wrong.

At the end of November, Aaron was taken off of the team’s injury reserve and officially started practicing with the rest of the Jets team. Though he’s still limited, the fact that he’s back out on the practice field not even three months after he tore his Achilles in his New York debut is unprecedented.

If he returns and plays a game in the NFL again this season, how does Rodgers not win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year? There is not a bigger comeback story (minus Damar Hamlin) in the National Football League than one of the most talented quarterbacks of all time tearing his Achilles, rehabbing, and coming back all in the same season. And just imagine if he somehow helped the Jets make the playoffs?

Rodgers was speaking to the media following his activation off the Jets’ IR and spoke about how good he was feeling, and even addressed the concern that some people have with him coming back so quickly from such a serious injury (especially at his age).

Aaron revealed his mindset about the risk, saying:

“My thing is: What’s the worst that can happen? In my opinion, there’s not a downside to coming back and re-injuring it.”

Oh boy, hopefully he knocked on wood after he said that…

It sounds like Aaron is willing to risk it all, and go through rehabilitation all over again, if he were to return and re-injure his Achilles. Personally, I’m hoping that he’s able to make it back, even if the New York Jets are out of playoff contention before he can. Selfishly, I’d like to watch Rodgers sling it for the Jets like he was supposed to…before he tore his Achilles four plays into the season.

And for all of the doubters, footage from the Jets’ practice today showed Aaron really testing out that injured leg, and moving at “getting across the crosswalk before the stop sign pops up” speed:

Folks, he’s coming back. You heard it here first…

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