FIRST LISTEN: Alabama-Based Southern Rockers Them Dirty Roses’ New Single “Birmingham Steel”

Them Dirty Roses
Todd Dean

If you’ve ever explored much of Them Dirty Roses’ music, then you know these southern rock torch bearers aren’t out there singing too many love songs.

The rough and rowdy four-piece outfit has made a name for themselves over the years touring heavily throughout the Southeast and beyond, and they’ve done so playing music that generally revolves around the hard-charging nature of life on the road and perhaps stereotypical aspects of the rock and roll lifestyle like heavy drinking, drug use, and fleeting relationships. I mean, their most popular song is aptly titled “Cocaine & Whiskey,” and that serves as a pretty good look into the rest of their growing catalog.

Now that’s not to say these guys are one-dimensional, though, or that their music is void of heartfelt lyricism and sincere content, because that isn’t the case by any means. In 15 officially released tracks, Them Dirty Roses effectively showcase their impressive sonic prowess and cover an array of both heavy and light-hearted topics through deft lyricism, but love songs have been hard to come by. That is until now, at least.

Them Dirty Roses’ next single isn’t slated for official release until tomorrow, but Whiskey Riff is pleased to provide fans with an exclusive first listen of “Birmingham Steel” a day early. A soulful track that simultaneously serves as an ode to their home state and a heartfelt love song, and one that the majority of their listeners will be able to relate to, Them Dirty Roses speak to laying a strong foundation in a relationship that is built to last.

Still featuring a southern rock fueled guitar solo and gritty vocal edge, and explicit reference to the great Lynyrd Skynyrd, the band’s latest single fits right into their existing work while bringing a slightly different sentiment to the table, and that’s exactly how they drew it up.

“We’re not really a ‘love song’ type of band, but the way this developed felt really organic and natural. It ended up being one of our favorites because it wasn’t a typical sappy love song, rather a promise of being that strong person that you can always rely on.

We aimed to create a story and a setting that we, along with our fans would relate to. Most people in this world, including us and our families, are working class. We can’t relate to the fairy tale love stories that we hear on the radio.

However, we can relate to the average steel mill employee dragging himself out of bed at 4am to go provide for his family. That’s how we’re used seeing love expressed.”

Written together by all four band members as well as collaborators James Leblanc and Phillip White, and recorded at the iconic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoal, AL, Them Dirty Roses’ “Birmingham Steel” highlights Birmingham’s steel industry as a metaphor for a sturdy relationship.

Check out the exclusive first listen here before it’s official release tomorrow:

“If you want solid, I’ll be your southern rock
Just like Skynyrd I’ll be the real damn deal
If you want steady, I’ll get to lovin’ you and never stop
If you want strong, I’ll be your Birmingham Steel”

In case you’re not too familiar with Them Dirty Roses, the four-piece group hails from Gadsden, Alabama and is comprised of brothers Andrew Davis (vocals/guitar) and Frank Ford (drums), as well as bassist Ben Crain and guitar slinger Andrew Davis. The four members essentially grew up together, and heavily influenced by the legends of southern music before them, particularly those who pioneered southern rock, they set out on the road and haven’t looked back following their high school graduation.

Their music quickly resonated with a large and ever-expanding fan base that started in the south and has now reached all corners of the United States. With impressive streaming numbers to boast, particularly in their top hit and streaming powerhouse “Cocaine & Whiskey” that has amassed nearly 70 million streams on Spotify alone since its release in 2017, it’s obvious that people have gravitated toward their music in a remarkable manner, and the responses seem to be overwhelmingly positive with each Them Dirty Roses release.

If you’re a new fan of the band, here are a few singles that you need to make sure are on your radar.

“Cocaine & Whiskey”

“Highway My Home”

“Black Magic Lady”

Them Dirty Roses Tour Dates

No matter how you look at it, though, there’s just no better way to experience how incredible Them Dirty Roses’ music truly is than to see them live. So while I’m sure there are more tour dates later this summer and into the fall, check out the shows these road warriors already have on the schedule.

If they’re coming to a city near you, that simply a can’t-miss show.

5/17 – Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival 2024 – Hurricane Mills, TN

5/18 – Chestnut Station – Gadsden, AL

6/1 – Coyote Crossing Resort – Cadillac, MI

6/6 – Bourbon Theatre – Lincoln, NE

6/7 – Off Broadway – St. Louis, MO

6/8 – Tailgates N’ Tallboys Iowa 2024 – Clinton, IA

6/21 – Gordy’s HWY 30 Music Festival 2024 – Filer, ID

7/4 – Phenix City Amphitheater – Phenix City, AL

7/5 – TOONEYS Music Venue – McCaysville, GA

7/13 – Lewistown Bike Rally – Lewistown, MT

7/27 – Humboldt County Fair 2024 – Humboldt, IA

8/3 – Ash Bash – Mount Vernon, IL

8/9 – Odawa Casino – Petoskey, MI

8/11 – XRoads41 – Oshkosh, WI

8/16 – Wheatstock – Helix, OR

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