Aaron Rodgers Is Practicing Again & On The Verge Of Changing Sports Medicine As We Know It

Aaron Rodgers NFL

Aaron Rodgers has always been a trendsetting quarterback in the NFL, but this comeback (if he is able to pull it off) would be the most eye opening and impressive thing he’s ever done in his entire career.

And yes, I know, he won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers in 2011. That’s great, and will definitely help get him into the hall of fame, though it doesn’t compare to defying modern sports medicine and science and becoming the fastest player to ever return to sport after tearing his achilles back in September.

Is there a Sports Medicine Hall of Fame? Rodgers could certainly be a first ballot hall of famer if there is, and it’s likely that a lot of people wouldn’t be too happy about it considering the whole “immunized” storyline that played out during the pandemic.

As you probably know, Rodgers was supposed to be the savior for the New York Jets this season, who were viewed as a “quarterback away” from being a Super Bowl contender last year. Aaron played four snaps in the Jets first game of the season, and then shockingly exited the contest after tearing his achilles.

The thudding finality of the injury, which was initially announced as “season ending,” made everyone quickly summarize that the New York teams was just the same old cursed Jets franchise. However, Rodgers is still trying to play the savior role, and has been on an unbelievable, full steam ahead recovery schedule.

From the beginning, Aaron has said that his goal was to return in the same season that he suffered his brutal injury in, and now after only 11 weeks since his achilles surgery, Rodgers has been moved off the Jet’s injury reserve and will start practicing with the team.

Just to put it blatantly, that shouldn’t be possible. No player in any sport has ever come back from an achilles injury with that kind of speed. A young running back named Cam Akers had recently come back from an achilles injury in less than six months, and Rodgers (who is nearly double Akers’ age) is coming back in less than three.

If Aaron laces them up and plays, the operation and rehabilitation that the 39-year-old quarterback (turns 40 next month) went through will be closely examined by the sports medicine industry. Rogers has always pushed others in the quarterback position to be their very best, and now it seems like he’s also setting the new standard for surgery and recovery.

Social media can’t believe that he’s already practicing with the Jets again, and based on the memes below, it appears that everyone is ready to watch Rodgers get back out on the field as soon as possible:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock