Brock Purdy Has Colin Cowherd Doubling Down On Wild Theory That Franchise NFL Quarterbacks Can’t Wear Backwards Hats

Brock Purdy Colin Cowherd

Of all the blabbering sports analysts out there, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd might be the worst of them all.

That’s, of course, an opinion, though he has continued to push that thought closer and closer to factual with some of the blunders he’s had in just the past year. Cowherd listed a football player that was no longer alive on a list of quarterbacks that can’t lead a team to a Super Bowl, he laid out an MLB trade that isn’t even possible in the major leagues, credited the song “Rock You Like A Hurricane” to AC/DC, and suggested that an NFC quarterback could never win an AFC Championship.

I could actually keep going for a while with some of his past mistakes, but instead, I’ll forge ahead and bring up a topic that he has ridiculously stood by for years. My hypothesis is that anytime The Herd with Colin Cowherd is running low on topic ideas, Cowherd says “let’s go back to the well” and runs with the egregious theory that you can’t be an NFL franchise quarterback if you wear your hat backwards.

On today’s edition of the informative (?) sports show, Colin started tearing into San Francisco 49ers quarterback (and Mr. Irrelevant) Brock Purdy for wearing his hat backwards at a post-game press conference.

He also applauded Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts for having his hat front-facing when he talked to the media after his win. While breaking down the upcoming game between the Eagles and 49ers, Cowherd said that there was one thing that was helping him pick the winner of the game:

“There is one thing that does make me pause on San Francisco. You know I’m a big believer…I like my quarterbacks to be adults. I don’t want them to be frat boys. So Jalen Hurts at the podium is the best podium quarterback in the league. Hat on forwards, (he’s) a professional, almost manicured, got that CEO-like (manner), a real grown up.

Brock Purdy (looks like he’d ask) ‘Hey, you guys want to go hit some golf balls?’ He’s got his hat on backwards. (He’s) not a franchise quarterback. If that guy came to move your couch, you’d be like ‘Are you a professional?'”

First off, I’ve never heard of the term “podium quarterback.” Am I alone in that? Is that something that people actually care about and measure? And secondly, Brock Purdy is currently a franchise quarterback, and firmly so. His team has 8 wins and 3 losses on the year, and certainly looks like a Super Bowl contender.

If those counterpoints aren’t enough, this might be a “checkmate” response to Colin Cowherd’s backwards hat argument:

You don’t have to watch that by the way. All you have to do is see Tom Brady (definitely a franchise quarterback) wearing his hat backwards, while also knowing that he’s won the Super Bowl seven times and is widely regarded as the best quarterback to ever play the position. And there’s really no one else close.

I’m thinking that I fell right into Colin Cowherd’s spider web of click-bait-worthy sports take with this story. By no means did I mean to draw more attention to him and his show. Hopefully you’ll watch this video and decide to never watch anything of his every again (unless I happen to write about it of course).

Take a look:

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