Colin Cowherd Says He Loves AC/DC’s “Rock You Like A Hurricane”

Colin Cowherd

When you talk on TV for a living, should you get a pass every now and then when you make a mistake, or should you be held to a higher standard?

I don’t know you feel about that question, but sports analyst and host Colin Cowherd has truly been pushing the limit of his profession as far as mistakes are concerned.

There’s a chance that I am Whiskey Riff’s resident Colin Cowherd reporter, considering that I’ve been keeping a close eye on his Fox Sports show The Herd here lately. Please allow me to quickly get you all caught up on the egregious mistakes that Colin has made just in the past couple of months:

-In July, Cowherd suggested that the Los Angeles Angels should trade away Shohei Ohtani for 5 first-round picks, then found out live on his own show that you can’t trade picks in MLB

-In early August, the popular sports talk show personality included a quarterback that was deceased on his list of “QB’s That Can’t Lead a Team to a Super Bowl.”

-In late August, Colin suggested that Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith would not be able to raise the AFC Championship trophy this year, which is true because Geno and the Seahawks play in the NFC

I would hate to recklessly speculate, but maybe Cowherd has some sort of “horrible mistake quota” that he has to meet each month? Based on his past slip-ups, and now this one that happened earlier today, we technically can’t rule that out.

While discussing “Herdline News,” Cowherd and his co-host Jason McIntyre somehow got into talking about famous rock bands. Metallica came up, and both were discussing their lead singer James Hetfield, though neither of them could actually name the rock star.

Then Cowherd opens up about his own music taste, and says this:

“I was more of an AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses guy, but I knew of Metallica. Van Halen, AC/DC is all I listened to.”

His co-host went on to say that Van Halen was on a “different level” than the other bands he named, and Cowherd quickly came to the defense of his “favorite band” and dished out a couple of their songs to prove it:

“Oh, AC/DC, “Back In Black,” “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” absolutely. You guys didn’t listen to AC/DC? Who didn’t listen to AC/DC?”

Apparently you, Mr. Cowherd, considering that you went one for two on the pair of “AC/DC songs” that you named. For those that might not be as familiar with rock and roll music, “Rock You Like A Hurricane” is actually by the band Scorpions, and is arguably their most famous song.

Colin did manage to get the “Back In Black” song right, so he’s still batting .500 on naming AC/DC songs.

Take a look at Cowherd and his co-host showing off their expertise on sports and rock and roll in the clip linked below:

If you need a refresher on The Scorpions, here ya go:

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