Colin Cowherd Continues His Run Of Egregious Mistakes, Says QB Geno Smith “Won’t Raise AFC Trophy” When He Plays In The NFC

Colin Cowherd

At this point, I’m actually kind of getting concerned about the well-being of Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd.

Right now, the well known sports analyst is on a run of egregious mistakes that have all happened in a matter of months. First, he and another talking head were speaking about trading picks for MLB superstar Shohei Ohtani, when in reality the major leagues don’t allow that.

Then, in quite possibly the most outstandingly bad take of all time, Cowherd said that a quarterback who died last year would never be able to lead a team to a Super Bowl.

I’ve said before that The Herd with Colin Cowherd must have a lack of producers double checking the show’s content, and that was confirmed yet again today with another mishap.

In classic dog days of summer, sports show fashion, Cowherd and his counterpart were going through teams that they thought could win a Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks came up, who’s head coach is Pete Carroll and quarterback is second-half-of-his-career-sensation Geno Smith.

No one expected for Smith to have the successful year as a starter that he did last year, considering he has been a back up for the majority of his career. Because of that, many people are still skeptical of Geno, and are wanting the QB to “back it up” this upcoming season to really win his doubters over.

Sports expert (?) Colin Cowherd was breaking down the Seahawks and their quarterback, and was second guessing his winning capabilities. He admitted that he was a fan of Geno Smith, but didn’t think he could win a division championship over some other already established quarterbacks:

“I think I’m being diplomatic. I don’t think Geno Smith is ever going to hold the trophy up, but I think Seattle’s got the coach.

They’re too young in my opinion to win a Super Bowl, but I do think they can win a division and multiple playoff games.

I don’t see Geno holding up the AFC trophy over a Mahomes or a Burrow.”

Sounds pretty good, right?

The only issue is that the Geno Smith led Seahawks are a part of the NFC, not the AFC.

So again, Cowherd is technically right when he says that Geno could not lift an AFC trophy, but he had to look like an misinformed idiot to make his point. And his counterpart (Jason McIntyre) failed to correct him once again.

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