Colin Cowherd Blasted For Including Dwayne Haskins, Who Passed Away Last Year, On List Of QBs Who Can’t Win A Super Bowl

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Colin Cowherd and his producers seem to be having a rough go at it during the dog days of summer.

Daytime sports show hosts are often forced to talk about all kinds of different topics when they might not know all about it, and that is clearly showing as of late with The Herd with Colin Cowherd. 

Just recently, Cowherd was speaking about MLB trades and found out live that you can’t trade picks in the major leagues, but that pales in comparison to this unbelievable mistake. I had to check to make sure it was real multiple times, and it somehow turns out that it is.

On today’s show of The Herd, Colin was going through a list titled “Colin’s QBs That Can’t Win Super Bowls.” Funny enough, there was actually a typo, and “can’t” was actually “can,” but Cowherd pointed it out and powered through it anyways.

It is common for Cowherd to say outlandish stuff and give the hottest of hot takes so that he can get aggregated on socials, but this list was definitely a stretch. Every player on the list was a quarterback that had been drafted since the year 2013, and many of the QBs he named aren’t even in the league.

Names like EJ Manuel, Blake Bortles, Paxton Lynch, and Johnny Manziel stood out from the rest since they no longer play in the NFL or have retired from the sport altogether. Seems like it was almost understood that those guys wouldn’t be able to win a Super Bowl at this point, but Colin still decided to include them on his list.

Some notable names that were on his list that are regarded as high-level players (but apparently not high enough for Colin’s liking) are Justin Fields, Daniel Jones, Kenny Pickett, and Mac Jones. Those, along with some other names, definitely turned some heads during the segment, but one quarterback that was on Cowherd’s list is now making people wonder if the show even has an executive producer at all.

Colin included Dwayne Haskins on his list of QBs that can’t win a Super Bowl – after Haskins tragically died last year at the age of 24. Of course he can no longer win a Super Bowl, and out of respect for him and his family, his name shouldn’t have been featured on the list at all in the first place.

If you thought that maybe his name slipped in and Cowherd just didn’t notice, that’s definitely not the case. At one point, Colin even mentions his name, saying:

“20 guys who are not getting to a Super Bowl, and certainly not winning it. From Baker Mayfield to Teddy Bridgewater, Dwayne Haskins, guys that are just not…”

Colin pauses right in the middle of his thought, making you think that he might have just caught the horrible accident, but instead he was just momentarily distracted because the title for the list said “can win Super Bowls” instead of “can’t.” How do you make that kind of mistake? (Obviously I’m talking about including Haskins on the list, not the can versus can’t mixup).

Take a look:

And people on the internet were quick to blast Cowherd for the insensitive moment:

The segment was cut out of the repeat of Cowherd’s monologue later in the show, so hopefully they realized just how bad it was. But still…yikes.

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