Garth Brooks Continues To Be “Maximum Cringe” Ahead Of His Amazon Music Black Friday Concert: “It’s Gonna Get So Much More Brutal”

Garth Brooks
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What is the deal with Garth Brooks?

If you asked comedian Tom Segura what the deal was with the legendary country music singer, he would say he acts strange because he’s a serial murderer. That’s why you often see Garth’s posts, and any Garth-related posts, bombarded with comments by people asking “where are the bodies?”

There’s no doubt that Brooks is one of country’s greatest artists, even if he only releases his new albums exclusively at Bass Pro Shop. But every time he does an interview, or puts out a video on his socials, people can’t help but notice that he just seems…a little off.

Garth will have the honor of playing a concert after the NFL’s very first Black Friday game, which was a good old fashioned blowout. Brooks is actually performing the concert live from his brand new Nashville bar called “Friends In Low Places,” which opened to the visitors of Broadway for the very first time today.

Brooks sat down for an interview about his Black Friday concert with NFL on Prime Video, and he spoke about how excited he was for the opportunity:

“You get to watch a football game on Friday, how great is that? Then team it with music. I don’t see how you lose on this one. I can guarantee you this, no matter how good the game is, it’s gonna get so much more brutal when the concert starts.

Oh my gosh, there’s going to be hitting like you wouldn’t believe. There’s gonna be action. It’s just so much fun…”

What the hell are you talking about Garth?

Anytime I’ve ever been to a concert, and someone asks me how it was, I don’t think I’ve ever responded with “oh man, it was brutal,” and meant it in a good way. I’ve also never replied with “oh there was a ton of hitting.”

If you thought that was awkward, just wait until certified liar Charissa Thompson asked him to start singing one of his songs so that she could finish off the lyrics (proving her Garth Brooks fandom).

I won’t even try to explain it, just watch it and be prepared for your face to shrivel up in disgust as Garth and Charissa sing “The River” together:

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