Garth Brooks Says He Wanted To Name His Nashville Bar “The G-Spot,” But Worried Men Wouldn’t Be Able To Find It

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Garth Brooks

Ok, that’s funny…

As much as Garth Brooks can sometimes be over the top with the theatrics, the unnecessary emotions, the non-stop crying about every little subject… he might be the jolliest SOB in country music.

And yeah, sometimes we’re laughing at him (WHERE ARE THE BODIES G?), but other times, we’re laughing right along with him.

Garth is gearing up to open his new Nashville bar, Friends In Low Places, this week, where the superstar will play a Black Friday concert that will be livestreamed on Amazon Prime.

But apparently he had other ideas for the name of the bar before settling on the title of his most famous song.

When discussing the bar with CMT’s Cody Alan on CMT Hot 20 Countdown last year, Garth joked that they considered the name “The G-Spot,” but ultimately thought better of it:

“We thought about ‘The G-Spot,’ we did, but a girl Tweeted, ‘If you do that, no guy will find it.'”

To which Cody replied:

“It’ll make good t-shirts for guys though…’I found the G-Spot.'”

Ultimately, they landed on (shocker) “Friends In Low Places” for the name of Garth’s upcoming Nashville bar on Lower Broadway.

Garth says that he wants his bar to be the “Chick-fil-A of honky tonks,” and even waded into the Bud Light controversy earlier this year when he said that his bar would proudly serve all brands of beer:

“Yes, we’re going to serve every brand of beer. We just are. It’s not our decision to make.

If you come into this house, love one another. If you’re an a**hole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

And Garth also said that he would like for his bar to close at 2 AM on most nights, as opposed to the 3 AM closing time observed by the rest of the surrounding bars. In addition, he wants live music in his bar to stop at midnight, instead of going on until closing time like it does at most venues.

The “no music past midnight” rule is apparently to cut down on noise on Broadway, which has been a hot topic in recent months after officers have complained of not being able to hear their radios over the music coming from all of the bars.

The Nashville city council recently passed ordinances requiring bars to face their speakers inward, as opposed to out towards the street, in an attempt to reduce the noise on the street.

But I’ll give Garth credit: He’s also said that he actually wants to hear country music in his bar, which automatically sets it apart from most of the bars on Broadway these days:

“I’d love it to be a classic honky tonk. Cause country music to me has been so good to me. And I want to hear, on lower Broadway in 2022, I want to hear King George coming out of that honky tonk.

I want to hear Haggard coming out of that honky tonk. And I don’t think that’s impossible to ask.”

I guess we’ll just have to check it out for ourselves after it opens this Friday. And we’ll be sure to let you know all about it after we’ve experienced The G-Spot…I mean, Friends In Low Places.

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