Garth Brooks’ Creepy Interview Comments Mashed Up With Frightening Horror Movie Scenes Is Comedy GOLD

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I love the internet. Some days I hate, most days I hate it, but then I see something like this and it warms my heart.

Watching Garth Brooks’ creepy videos and mashing them up with terrifying scenes from classic horror flicks is pure gold. And sure, it might sound kind of bizarre, but it just works so damn well. Almost too well if you know what I mean…

Take this crossbow scene from You’re Next. The 2011 slasher film finds a group of people at a family reunion when they’re attacked by a group of masked assailants, one of which, wields a crossbow.

And then take the bizarre bow and arrow “resistance” metaphor Garth dropped on us during an interview with CBS Evening News. Add them together… and you have brilliant, terrifying, shockingly believable, comedy perfection.

Happy Halloween.

Confused? Ok, here’s the backstory:

A while back, we shared a detailed (and hilarious) exposé into why people keep asking Garth Brooks where he’s hiding the bodies.

The serial killer rumor, perpetuated by fans of stand up comedians Tom Segura and Christina P, has become a running joke on Garth’s social media. Ultimately, Tom came to the conclusion that Garth has a body count somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-300. Where they are buried? Nobody knows.

The Instagram account SquatchRonson took the joke and ran with it, putting together a few of these wickedly hysterical, downright creepy horror movie mashups.

And the rest was history.

Here’s the OG Garth Brooks Facebook debut, mashed up with the bear trap scene from the original Saw film. I can watch this 1,000 times and it never gets old.

The families need closure G…

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