Garth Brooks Announces Black Friday Concert & Fans Wanna Know One Thing… Where Are The Bodies?

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For Garth Brooks fans, the announcement of his post-NFL game Black Friday Concert is one worthy of marking your calendar.

However, for Garth Brooks jokesters (if they are, in fact, joking), it’s the perfect opportunity to bombard the announcement with questions about where Garth has been hiding the bodies.

If you didn’t know, Amazon Prime carries NFL’s Thursday Night Football now, and is also spearheading a first for the pro-football league. The Miami Dolphins will take on the New York Jets in the NFL’s first ever Black Friday Game on November 24th.


And if that’s not exciting enough, Amazon Prime Video also announced that they would have country music superstar Garth Brooks playing a “Dive Bar Concert” directly following the game, continuing a post-game concert series they’ve featured since they took over Thursday Night Football.

Garth Brooks even joined onto the Prime Video pregame show to make the exciting announcement, and revealed that the concert will be broadcasted from Garth’s new Broadway bar in Nashville.

Check out the video below, where Brooks, for some reason, refers to himself in third person:

“Man if you don’t mind me spilling the beans, it’s so awesome. So, the first Black Friday NFL football game, are you kidding me? Why haven’t we thought of this before? Thank you Amazon. Thank you NFL.”

Spilling the beans? This IS the announcement. It’s the reason you’re on TV right now…

“And then we are going to be the concert following the Black Friday football game. The cool thing is, it’s got nothing to do with Garth Brooks, it’s going to be the opening night of the Friends In Low Places Bar in Nashville.

This is going to be really cool. We’re going to be playing some new stuff, and then if you know us, we play all the old stuff too. It’s gonna be a party.”

How about that? Nothing goes together better than Garth Brooks and football.

Unless you ask a certain group of people, because they would instead suggest that the perfect pairing to anything Garth is speculating about where Brooks “hides all the bodies” of his victims, which is a long running joke that you can read more about here.

Some fans were voicing their excitement in the reply section below the post, but most social media users were just trying to get Garth to confess to where he’s disposed of all of his victims:

There were more comments, but they seemed to mysteriously vanish… not unlike some of the victims…

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