Heart-Pounding Video Shows Brave Dog Confronting Black Bear & Chasing It Away From Home

dog chasing bear

Black bears wander around and do just about anything they want to.

We humans, of course, try to put a stop to their shenanigans, but we can only do so much to deter them. We create “bear proof” trash cans, and the bruins counter that by walking off with the entire trash can. We try to get Taco Bell delivered to our house, and they walk up and take the meal right off the front porch, drink and all.

It’s pretty clear to see that this is a black bear’s world, and we’re all just living in it. I’d say that most humans do a pretty good job of giving bears their space, except for these dumb people trying to bother a bear while it chows down on its dinner. However, when it comes to the dog in this video below, it could not care less about the intimidation factor that black bears possess.

In this security camera footage from Passaic County, New Jersey, a nosy black bear is riffling through a back porch’s bird feeder setup, and is being rather successful. At one point, it stands up on its hind legs and effortlessly pulls down one of the feeders, almost like it had done so 100 times before.

Once it got it the bird food down to the ground, it used its big paws to shake out anything that was remaining in the feeder, then pushed it to the side and started going to town on the all-you-can-eat seed buffet. It probably would have been there all night if it weren’t for a neighbors dog that saw the black bear and made a beeline for it.

The bear pauses its chow session to look over in the trees to its right, and starts to brace when it sees a dog charging right towards it, and not slowing down even a bit. The pupper runs right into the bear, pushing it up off the ground and causing it to go into defense mode. Instead of fighting back, the black bear starts to evacuate the area, but not before the dog got another run at it and looks to have landed a bite on the bruin’s buttocks.

Not scared whatsoever, the dog chases the black bear out of the frame of the video, and if you stick around for the closing seconds of the clip, you’ll see the dog trot back through the yard as if to say “yeah, this town’s not big enough for the two of us.” I don’t think that bear will be back anytime soon…

Take a look:

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A beer bottle on a dock