Black Bear Steals $45 Worth Of Taco Bell From Family’s Front Porch, Then Comes Back For Soda

black bear

Porch pirates, am I right?

Typically when I DoorDash food to my house, I have to make sure to keep the lights off and run to the door and grab the food as soon as it gets there, just in case a random dude tweaking out on drugs is walking by and is tempted to steal it straight from my front porch.

However, these people have a completely different problem whenever they have food sent to their house…

And by a different problem, I mean a starving bear that’s lurking near their house.

We’ve seen situations like this occur time and time again with people who live in areas with bears. These creatures can sniff out food from several yards away, even if the food is inside a vehicle or a house.

This one went down in the Orlando-area of Florida, when a hungry bear was caught stealing a $45 worth of Taco Bell after it was delivered to their house by UberEats.

The video was posted to TikTok, where you can see the UberEats worker drop the food off at the house.

But, a black bear lurking nearby quickly sniffs out the food, and decides to make it his own. The bear grabs the bag with its mouth and takes off.

And to add insult to injury, the bear returned to grab the soda as well.

Homeowner Nicole Castro told Fox 35:

“He came, and he grabbed the food – then he came again for the soda.”

In the Ring doorbell footage,  you can hear one of the residents say in Spanish:

“That bear just took it. Look at the cameras.”

Another can be heard saying:

“There’s that son of a b*tch taking the food.”

I have to admit, I’d be royally pissed off. $45 just like that down the drain, but what can you do? No sane person is going to throw hands with a black bear over some Taco Bell.

Check it out:

@alexvelasquezoficialIncreible la inseguridad en esta ciudad de (Orlando Florida) definitivamente ni estamos seguros ni en nustra propia casa👮‍♀️ladron en captado en camara

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