“Please Don’t Die, I’ll Be Back” – 9 Year Old (With A Slick Mullet) Sprinted Over A Mile To Save His Parents After Oklahoma Tornado Crushed Their Truck

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With great mullets come great responsibility.

A 9-year-old, mulleted, Oklahoman by the name of Branson Baker is being deemed a hero after he saved his parents’ lives during last week’s deadly tornado that ripped through the Sooner state. He and his parents were desperately trying to make their way to a friend’s storm shelter when they crossed paths with an EF-4 tornado.

The massive, powerful supercell has puzzled some meteorologists as the twister, at one point, was “spinning backwards.” It’s believed that rare weather event helped to make the tornado all the more powerful, and completely devastated a number of Oklahoma communities.

And the Baker family was almost a part of that devastation if it wasn’t for little Branson Baker. As Branson and his parents were driving in the terrible conditions trying to make it to a storm-safe place, the tornado picked their truck up off the road and swung it into a pile of trees.

The impact and the crunching of the vehicle left Branson’s parents with broken necks and backs as the front half of the vehicle was crinkled up like a can. Fortunately, the back half of the truck managed to stay in tact, and the 9-year-old was unharmed and able to run for help.

Branson reportedly ran over a mile to a neighbor’s house in the pitch black darkness of the storm. The mullet-sporting kid dodged downed power lines and dangerous debris as he literally ran for his parents’ lives. Johnny Baker, Branson’s uncle, explained how the little boy was able to be a real-life hero in an interview with CBS:

“The only way he found his way back was with lightning strikes that lit the road. He ran as fast as he could, as hard as he could, he made a mile in 10 minutes. That’s pretty impressive for a little kid.”

Not all heroes wear capes, but most heroes do have mullets. Branson must have tapped into his hairdo to dig deep and run as fast as he could to get help. Branson’s uncle went on to say in the news spot that the 9-year-old had the wherewithal to first give his parents this message before he crawled out of the totaled car:

“The last thing Branson told them was, ‘Mom, dad, please don’t die, I will be back.'”

Now, Branson’s parents are recovering in the OU Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, and they are expected to make a full recovery. It’s undoubtedly a tough road ahead with the injuries they sustained, but they have their young son Branson to thank for their lives.

You can check out the local news story about the mullet-sporting-superhero in the video below:

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