Eric Church’s Nashville Bar, Chief’s, Puts Up A New Warning For Guests: “Don’t Even Think About It, You Are Not Morgan Wallen”

Morgan Wallen
MNPD/Don Lonczak

Don’t even think about it.

Eric Church‘s new downtown Nashville bar, Chief’s, has become a must-visit stop on Broadway for not only fans of Church, but also for Morgan Wallen fans hoping to get a glimpse of the chair that Wallen (allegedly) threw from the rooftop last month that resulted in his arrest and three felony charges for reckless endangerment.

Of course as soon as he was arrested, the internet quickly ran wild with memes and “leave them Broadway chairs alone” jokes, and Chief’s even got in on the fun themselves with some marquee signs poking fun at their unexpected spotlight.

But they also have a warning for anybody who wants to try to pull the same stunt as Morgan:

Don’t even think about it.

Visitors on this morning’s Church Choir-exclusive “Coffee Tour” got a peek at the newest addition to the rooftop of Chief’s, a plaque marking the fateful spot where the chair went flying over the ledge and a warning for anybody else who wants to try it:

Don Lonczak

Good advice, especially considering Wallen is facing three felonies that each carry a potential sentence of between 1-6 years in prison.

So if you’re headed to Chief’s, just remember: The chairs are for sitting, not throwing.

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