Tourist Makes Case For Dumbest (& Luckiest) Person Alive Trying To Pet A Bear Who’s In The Middle Of A Meal

Tourist bear

Typically smaller than their grizzly bear counterparts, adult males black bears usually weigh between 130-500 pounds, while females are generally smaller.

Black bears are adaptable and can be found in a variety of habitats, ranging from forests and mountains to swamps and arid lands. In British Columbia, Canada, black bears can be found throughout the province, from the coastal forests to the interior mountains.

Black bears are omnivores with a diet that includes a variety of foods such as berries, nuts, fruits, insects, small mammals, and carrion, however in BC, they also have access to a rich array of natural foods, like salmon. Generally solitary animals, they are excellent climbers and swimmers, and they use these skills to traverse the hard landscape in search of food.

Most of the time, black bears will try to avoid humans contact, however, they can become accustomed to human food sources and interactions which can obviously pose a threat to both humans and themselves. Why? Well, once a bear become used to human interaction, it can become bolder in its efforts to approach humans and infiltrate urban areas. If it comes to rely on humans food food, and gives up hunting for food, it will most likely be killed by wildlife officials as it poses too great a risk.

Of course, it should go without saying that bear encounters can be extremely dangerous to humans, given the fact that… oh, I don’t know… bear attacks can kill you. Granted, it’s very rare, but a hungry and aggressive black bear that’s not afraid of humans is a recipe for disaster.

When tourists visit national parks, many of them tend to forget that these are actual wild animals, and not meant to be approached as if they were inside a petting zoo. In our latest edition of moron tourists, this one went down on the shores of the Campbell River, in British Columbia.

As you can see in the wild video footage, several tourists who appear to be fishing by the shore approach a black bear that seems to be just hanging out, enjoying a midday snack and minding its own business.

But, the potential TikTok clout possessed these tourists, and they felt the need to get right up in the bear’s face with their phones. The tourists should be lucky the bear didn’t feel threatened enough to attack at that point, especially given the fact that they can be extremely territorial over their food. And to make matters worse, as they begin to walk away, turning their back to the bear, one of the tourists decided to go back to the bear, and poke it.

There’s literally a common saying that goes “don’t poke the bear?” Like, do you now know what a bear is? Open a book, moron. If it’s possible to simultaneously be the dumbest AND luckiest person on Earth, this guy wins that award, hands down.

Check it out:

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