Tough Day At The Office: Patrick Beverley Got Eliminated From The Playoffs, Beaned A Fan With The Ball, & Snubbed Interviewer

Pat Bev Pacers fan

Anyone can acknowledge that Patrick Beverley has more than a couple screws loose. The veteran NBA guard is a known pest, particularly as a defensive player, but he also has something of a prickly personality. You know, that classic “love him if he’s on your team, hate him otherwise” type guy. Except, do any of his actual teammates or fans from certain teams actually like him, much less love him?

Given that Beverley has played for six different NBA franchises since 2020, it’s safe to assume he isn’t universally beloved wherever he goes. When the highlight of your career is a meme of you crying joyful tears to illustrate just how petty and pedantic the human race can be, you might not be the most likable dude.

Neither here nor there. Wouldn’t care what Beverley’s reputation was entering the Bucks’ eventual elimination loss to the Pacers in Indiana. Beverley was only 3-for-11 shooting for six points in Milwaukee’s 120-98 defeat, but his conduct outside the court was much uglier. He threw a ball in the stands that hit a woman in the face, and then tried to laser it back at somebody else moments later.

Charles Barkley and the rest of the TNT crew laid into him:

“That’s just wrong, he’s gonna get suspended for that. And a good one too, he threw it twice.”

I understand sports fans can show off the worst sides of any collection of humans on the face of the Earth. However, no matter how provoked you are, you can’t retaliate if you’re a professional athlete — especially with physical force.

I’d love spectators to be more respectful in a perfect world, but there are sh*theads out there who won’t stop. So while I understand where Beverley is coming from in his halfhearted apology…

…There is just no upside to popping off like this.

Oh but Pat Bev wasn’t done. After the game, a respected ESPN producer asked him a question, and when she revealed that she wasn’t a subscriber to his podcast, he refused to acknowledge her the rest of the way.

Good grief. I’ve learned that this isn’t a new thing, as Beverley has consistently turned down interview requests with local Bucks reporters who don’t subscribe.

Straight-up nightmare fuel for the Bucks organization and their supporters. Not to mention, Doc Rivers coming from a TV gig to coach the team in the middle of the season is still one of the strangest moves in recent history.

After Charles Barkley’s recent endorsement of Darvin Ham and Frank Vogel as good coaches, the same grace should be afforded to Rivers, especially since he had to navigate the playoffs without his best player, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Beverley is taking a lot of heat from respected media personalities. I mean, when Windy is telling you that you’re in the wrong, you’re probably in the wrong.

Adding insult to the injury of it all, Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton trolled Beverley afterwards in very specific fashion, clapping back at him for a slight earlier in this six-game series.

The Bucks had their work cut out trying to advance through the playoffs with Giannis out of the lineup. Damian Lillard gutted through an injury of his own to put up 28 points on Thursday night. Just wasn’t enough.

I don’t know for sure, but if I had to guess, Beverley won’t be part of Milwaukee’s redemptive, hopefully-healthy push for a championship next season. Will a seventh different team give him a chance to continue his career? I’d say he’s exhausted his surprising abundance of continued opportunities to make a good impression. Beverley also turns 36 in July. All those years of wisdom evidently escaped his cranium in this latest game, because you’d hope for more maturity from such a seasoned vet. Alas, that’s what we’ve come to expect from Pat Bev.

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