Snoop Dogg Won’t Be Smoking With Willie Nelson Anymore – A Look Back On Their Epic 4/20 Trip To An Amsterdam KFC

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Snoop Dogg

It’s the end of an era for Snoop Dogg.

He announced earlier today that he has “decided to give up smoke,” asking fans to “respect my privacy at this time”:

Of course, along with Willie Nelson, he’s probably one of the most famous musicians in the world who has made a brand out of smoking weed.

He didn’t provide any further detail on his decision and it was a pretty short and serious kind of statement, so hopefully, there aren’t any serious health issues he’s dealing with at the moment. Willie Nelson made a similar announcement a few years back, citing the damage to his lungs as the reason. However, Willie will still indulge in edibles and other forms of cannabis.

And speaking of his friend Willie, who he’s collaborated with musically on multiple occasions, Snoop told an all-time great story during an appearance on The Tonight Show a while back about how they celebrated 4/20 a few years ago that you have to hear.

They just so happened to have their own shows in Amsterdam back-to-back on April 19th and 20th, which as Snoop points out, the latter date is “the annual holiday for what we do.”

Naturally, the pair decided to meet up for their favorite day of the year, and after “enjoying life” and playing dominoes in a hotel room, they got hungry… so they set out in search of some fried chicken. But they didn’t just send an assistant or someone who works for them to get it (like most mega celebrities would have), they hopped in the car and rolled up (no pun intended, but I like it) to a KFC drive through…

Of course, I’m sure they had a driver, but can you imagine working at some random KFC in Amsterdam and Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson pull up stoned out of their mind on 4/20 and order a massive bucket of chicken?

It sounds too good to be true…

“He had a concert out there on 4/20, and I had a concert out there on 4/19, which is the annual holiday for what we do.  And we just happened to meet up. And then once we met up, I was in his hotel room, we were playing dominoes, enjoying life…

So after enjoying life, we developed a hunger. So naturally, we wanted to go to Kentucky Fried chicken, which is one of our favorite spots, his and mine. So we pull up in the drive through, and we’re ordering the chicken, and when they give it to us, they hand us the big bucket.”

And as fate would have it:

“We take the top off and we both put our hand in at the same time, and we grabbed the same piece of chicken at the same damn time.”

True friendship, indeed, and the perfect end to this unbelievable story.

You can watch Snoop tell it all himself here, and you should, because it’s pretty dang funny:

And speaking of music they’ve collabed on before, Snoop and Willie performed their 2012 single “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die” at Willie’s 90th birthday celebration back in April of this year.

The original also included Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson as vocalists, but it’s really become an anthem for these two in particular over the years:

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