Megan Moroney Fans Are Reaching For Swiftie Levels Of Crazy, Holding Up “Mystery Man” Picture At Show

Megan Moroney fans

I never thought I’d see the day I could compare something to the level of fandom that Swifites have.

Megan Moroney fans are coming up on their heels after the reveal (which isn’t even a reveal because it’s still throwing darts in the dark on who this suitor is) of her “mystery man.” Nor did I have this on my bingo card for all unfolding during CMA weeks. Talk about a killer marketing ploy, if anything.

While Megan Moroney leaves her fans guessing who her new beau is, her fans are taking matters into their own hands. At this rate, you’d think it was a Kardashian trying to keep a new love interest secret.

Megan Moroney fans, during a Lucky Tour stop right after she posted the now infamous image, fans were in the crowd holding up screenshots of the Instagram story from the crowd, hoping that Moroney would spill the beans on who this man is.

Moroney noticed the fans holding up the image but kept singing through the song, not giving it too much attention. Ironically, the TikTok user overlayed her song with Mackenzie Carpenter, “Nothin’ Crazy,” with the video during the line:

“He doesn’t want a crazy girl, too obsessive.”

Buckle up “mystery man” because many Moroney isn’t obsessive, but her fans sure are. Next thing we know, her fans will be bringing cardboard cutouts of this picture to shows.

@lucindaachshe noticed us 😫😫😫 WE LOVE U

♬ Nothin’ Crazy – Megan Moroney & Mackenzie Carpenter

“Nothin’ Crazy”

Riley Green Confirms He Is NOT Megan Moroney’s Mystery Man

Confirmed by the source himself.

Megan Moroney might break the internet with the FBI hunt that she sent fans on after the soft launch of her new beau. After attending the SESAC Music Awards in Nashville on Sunday night, Moroney posted a picture of a man kissing her on the side of her head.

While it not only broke the hearts of men everywhere who had FAT crushes on the self-proclaimed emo cowgirl, it also led fans (shamelessly like myself) to pull out their best FBI skills on a hunt to find who this man is. From the side profile and the slicked-back hair on the image, first instinct led fans to believe it might be Riley Green.

While I made some severe comparisons of side profiles to see if this were true, after a closer look, it’s apparent that the “mystery man” is not Mr. Riley Green.

Which is GREAT news for the single ladies out there. Riley Green is still a bachelor; although he does not consider himself an “eligible bachelor,” single he still is.

To clear up the suspicion that he could be Moroney’s “mystery man,” Green posted an Instagram story to the song “It Ain’t Me, Babe” by Johnny Cash while sitting in a deer stand – proving that he’s out in the woods and not at the awards with Megan Moroney.

“But it ain’t me, babeNo, no, no, it ain’t me babeIt ain’t me you’re lookin’ for, babe.”

Riley Green

Side note: writing this article made me feel like I’m hosting an episode of Maury, but instead of a paternity test, it’s a dating test… Riley Green…(long dramatic pause) You are NOT THE SUITOR. Also, it’s good to know that Riley isn’t in hot water after he was flashed while singing “I Wish Grandpas Never Died.”

While it was all in good fun, Megan Moroney’s mystery man stays hidden (that is, if you haven’t dived into the Reddit groups). While some have their suspicions about who this man is, Moroney will keep him a secret a little longer.

With the CMA Awards a day away, Mornoney said she is taking her dad as her date. While I am sure fans were hoping for the soft launching to lead up to a red-carpet debut, this news can keep fans wishing for a full reveal at a later date.

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