Girl Flashes Riley Green Over FaceTime During Performance Of “I Wish Grandpas Never Died”

Riley Green

Shoot your shot…

Riley Green is certainly popular with the ladies, probably even more so now that he’s debuted his modeling campaign for underwear brand Gildan.


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So one girl decided to shoot her shot with Riley when she got the chance – even if she wasn’t there with him.

A video posted to TikTok shows a girl FaceTiming her sister during a small acoustic performance from the country singer/underwear model. She turns the phone around to Riley and asks him to say hi to her sister…who was apparently on the toilet at the time.

I guess the sister was probably embarrassed that she was on the can during her one chance to talk to Riley Green…so she flashed him.

Riley’s reaction was priceless, with his eyes getting big as he covered his face laughing:

“Did she just show me her boobs during ‘I Wish Grandpas Never Died?’ I’ve never in my life seen something like that.

Hold that thought sweetheart…”

He then somehow went right back into singing the tearjerker, still laughing and shaking his head at the bold move by his fan.

I mean, she saw a shot and she took it…

@lilybrends she had to shoot her shot🫡 @Riley Green #countrymusic #grandpasneverdie #rileygreen ♬ original sound – lily 🤍

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