Jimmie Allen Spotted With Large Knife At Youth Football Game

Jimmie Allen country music
Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Country music artist Jimmie Allen has had a strange fall from grace this past year, and you can add this recent sighting to the long list of tumult in Allen’s life as of late.

Allen and his wife Alexis Gale announced they would be separating back in April while Gale was pregnant with their third child. That certainly raised some red flags, and it wasn’t long after that the world found out why the two were splitting. (Although the couple has recently gotten back together in an effort to move through the turmoil “as a family.”)

Following the news of the couples’ split, it became public that Jimmie Allen was facing sexual assault allegations in a lawsuit filed by his former manager, and the singer was swiftly dropped by his record label following the shock of a second sexual assault accuser coming forward.

For a while, there were a lot of defensive statements and apologies coming out from Jimmie Allen, as well as a strange announcement of a comedy tour from Allen at one point, but things surrounding the former American Idol standout have gone quiet recently.

And when things get quiet, what is it that people often say? Some might say it was getting a little too quiet, and that’s where TMZ comes in.

The media outlet got a hold of some images of Jimmie Allen attending a Pop Warner youth football game this past weekend, and while he was there, he (for some reason) had a large hunting knife in a sheath attached to his person and visible.

He was reportedly there in Delaware to watch a family member play football, but it is not clear why he was “packing” the knife while he was in attendance.

Some believe that he had a knife on him simply because he spends a lot of time outdoors, usually fishing, and it might have been natural for him to have it on him.

Still though, having a weapon of that size while around youth sports does seem unsettling, does it not?

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