Jimmie Allen & Wife Alexis Gale Are Allegedly “Working As A Family” To Resolve Things

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Country music star Jimmy Allen has had his life rocked by scandal in the past couple of months, and though it all started with the news of he and his wife Alexis Gale getting separated in April, things had allegedly been falling apart far before that.

Allen and his pregnant wife began the separation process back in April, and not long after, that announcement began to make more sense when Allen was accused of sexual assault, battery, rape, and sex trafficking.

The up and coming country star quickly fell from grace, and was dropped by his music label shortly after the second accusation came to light.

Despite the mounting cases against Allen, he still claims his innocence, and even today filed lawsuits against the two women who have accused him of the heinous, disturbing acts.

In a statement to Billboard, Allen commented on the decision to file the lawsuits, saying:

“As the son and brother of rape victims, and the father of daughters, these false claims are extremely hurtful to me and everyone around me.

These false allegations have caused me to lose a vast number of business and endorsement opportunities that I worked extremely hard for. These false allegations have also not only harmed me, but have caused severe financial damage to my band, my team, and their families.”

And in a shocking revelation during an interview with People, Allen told the outlet that even through this tumultuous time in he and his family’s lives, they are working through the tough time as a unit.

Allen described it as:

“The divorce case is still pending, as my wife and I are working to resolve things together as a family.”

The singer then also took the opportunity to clear up an earlier comment he had made about “fixing his family first” when dealing with the sexual assault allegations:

“What I meant by ‘fixing my family first’ was making sure their mental health and stability are okay in light of these hurtful, false allegations.

I took some time off to be with my wife, kids and friends, to ensure everyone was okay.”

As Allen’s life has seemingly fallen apart in the past couple of months, as he’s been dropped by his label, management and PR, however he has vehemently denied all of the allegations and has said he looks forward to clearing his name in court.

And despite the controversy surrounding him and his career, he appears to be working on new music:

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