The Internet Falls In Love With Beef Farmer Who Leans Into TikTok Trend For Hilarious Ad

Farmer goes viral
C6 Farms

Salesmen these days…

While this sales guy might not be calling you to ask about your car’s extended warranty, he sure is hoping to sell you some beef. And with social media these days taking over, sometimes you have to get creative with your sales pitches.

Over the last week, a video of a woman clapping her thighs together in a pool has gone viral on TikTok, creating a wave of water. While the original creator’s video poses that anybody can have a “bikini body,” no matter their size, other creators have taken the clip and run with it.

Quickly, people began stitching her video, making some hilarious responses, spinning to the moment of water flying toward the screen. While some of the responses were great, once the sales guys got hold of it and started putting their sales pitches on it, I quickly found myself in a rabbit hole. The car salesmen quickly picked up on the trend, but once it made it’s way to the farmers…you know this is going to be good.

As we all know, farmers are not the most plugged in on social media, and this response clearly screams, “My kids run this account,” but it’s too good. And the internet agrees.

C6 Farms in Shreveport, Louisiana got the man behind the operation to pose for a sales advertisement leaning into the TikTok trend. While the ad is all in good fun, the internet fell in love with this adorable farmer and his good spirit to do the trend.

I’m not going to lie, if they’d ship, I’d buy some meat from this place from this video alone.

The video went viral on TikTok, leading to their farm not only getting some new followers but also the collective agreeance that this is the best advertisement we have all seen in a minute.

“The nervous giggles.”

“Now this is Super Bowl ad quality. Sign me up feller.”

“I’m sold. He’s so cute.”

“Hands down, the best ad I’ve ever seen.”

“I want to buy something just bc of the ad.”

“Shewee that’s the best advertisement I’ve seen since 2001.”

“This is awesome. I had to watch it twice.”

“HA immediate follow.”

“Take my money I’ll buy whatever it is.”

“I love the sense of humor. Gotta support companies like this.”

The cows in the background really add to the video as well, poor things don’t even realize he is talking about putting them in the freezer. If you think that’s a good sell, check out his video highlighting their farm fresh eggs.

Someone needs to protect this farmer at all costs.

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