Jimmie Allen Dropped By Record Label Following Additional Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Jimmie Allen country music
John Shearer

Some might say that Jimmie Allen is experiencing a fall from grace, but the better way to describe it might be a “free-fall.”

It was just announced that the country music artist has been dropped by the label BBR Music Group after an additional alleged sexual assault victim came forward. Allen had priorly been suspended by BBR when the first case of misconduct was revealed, with the second allegation seemingly being the last straw for the music label.

The first incident took place between Jimmie and a former member of Allen’s management team at Wide Open Music. This second lawsuit was between the Grammy-nominated pop country singer and a woman he reportedly met on a plane.

The report filed to the Tennessee Federal Court suggests that Allen flew the woman out to Las Vegas to meet him, then raped her while also videoing the assault without the woman’s consent.

Allen had formerly been put on suspension by the music label as well as his agency and manager. BBR Music Group told Variety in a statement:

“BBR Music Group has dissolved its relationship with Jimmie Allen. He is no longer an active artist on its roster.”

The brief statement from the BBR Music Group might speak to the thin ice that Allen was already on with the label that he had been with since signing on in 2017.

A promising career and a “dream family” have all come crashing down in the past three months as the allegations have continued to unravel. Everything started to fall apart back in April when Jimmie Allen announced that he and his pregnant (ex) wife Alexis Gale would be separating.

The news caught many off guard, but began to make more sense as the sexual assault lawsuits have piled up. Allen certainly didn’t help himself when he released a rather strange, and excuse-riddled, public apology to his estranged wife.

Allen continues to deny the allegations and has even labeled them as “defamatory” and “not only false, but also extremely damaging.” However, as more lawsuits against Allen see the light of day, the likelihood of the pop country singer climbing out of this dark period of his life and career seems to dwindle.

The attorney of the second victim to come forward told Variety that she expects even more lawsuits to be filed against the singer as she has been approached by many more accusers:

“We have spoken to more women, and I expect that there will be more lawsuits.”

Jimmie Allen has yet to respond to this second sexual assault lawsuit.

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