Rodney Harrison Calls Zach Wilson “Garbage” In Postgame Interview, Chiefs DT Chris Jones Delivers Classy Response

Rodney Harrison

Not a good look for Rodney Harrison.

Another week has passed where Zach Wilson is being beaten up for his performance. While fans think he was better on the field with Taylor Swift in the audience (or to impress Donna Kelce), we know that the Jets are bringing back backup in case his performance does not improve.

Even though Wilson played pretty damn well last night, and gave the Jets every opportunity to win against a very good Chiefs team, Rodney Harrison believes otherwise… and it almost seems personal.

In the post-game interview, Harrison is talking to Chris Jones, Chiefs defensive tackle, and tries to bait him into talking trash on the young QB.

Harrison asked Jones if he thought Wilson was better tonight than he had anticipated, adding for him to be honest, to which Jones responded:

“Honestly, if I’m being completely honest, we knew it was going to be a battle. He’s continuing to get better week in and week out, and he’s continuing to lead week in and week out.”

While Jones gave a very good answer, Harrison fired back, trying to get Jones to say some mean comments about Wilson.

“But watching that tape, man, you gotta look at this dude and say, ‘Oh, he is garbage.’ Like we should really tear him apart.”

Not taking the bait, Jones stays cool and continues to speak positively about Zach Wilson. Jones said that Wilson is special and he needs time. As a young player, he is green and needs time on the field to become a seasoned QB.

Harrison returns with another mean comment, questioning why Jones thinks he is special.

“I think he had a special night, but I don’t think he’s special… you’re special because you proved it over the course of time.

He’s not special. I’m just saying, Chris, I’m just saying.”


This interview clip happened after Wilson was visibly disappointed in himself, which is not a good look for Rodney Harrison.

At 24 years old, this Jets player has been put under tremendous stress after Aaron Rodgers’ injury. I am sure Wilson was not expecting much play time this season, and now he has the weight of the whole team and all Jets fans on him.

While it appears his teammates passed along words of encouragement, reminding Wilson that the loss was not all his fault, Harrison dug in on the player after the game.

I respect the hell out of Chris Jones for not taking the bait and speaking highly of Zach Wilson… that’s a class act.

Even in the pregame, Harrison said Wilson was missing wide open passes in warm ups:

Former Titans lineman, and Bussin’ With The Boys podcast host, Taylor Lewan, called Harrison out for it:

Jets coach Robert Saleh said this morning that Harrison handled it the “right way,” so it sounds like he may have reached out to apologize.

Nevertheless, it was definitely a bizarre moment, and it definitely seems like Harrison has some kind of underlying hate for Zach Wilson.

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