NFL Fans Are Convinced Jets QB Zach Wilson Is Balling Out To Impress Donna Kelce

Donna Kelce Zach Wilson
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After going down 17-0 to the Kansas City Chiefs, Zach Wilson and the New York Jets have rallied to tie the game at 20. We’re now looking at 23-20, Chiefs, but it’s anyone’s game.

Taylor Swift is in the building, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are in the building, and even Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers surprised the team and showed up today, just a couple weeks removed from Achilles surgery.

Is Aaron’s presence inspiring the team, and more importantly Zach Wilson, to play better? Is it the thought of beating Travis Kelce and silencing the Taylor Swift mania that’s fueling this comeback?

Or is it Donna Kelce, the mom of Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (and Eagles Center, Jason Kelce).

Twitter (or X, whatever…) seems to think it’s the latter.

Of course, we all know that Zach is a well-known cougar hunter after he was accused of sleeping with his mom’s best friend last year.

Now, Zach’s mom Lisa is an absolute smokeshow, who went viral herself on draft night. In fact, she was the #1 star of the NFL draft.

One could assume that many of her friends are probably easy on the eyes as well… and getting with the hot older woman? I mean, we all saw the The Graduate, right? It’s every young 20-something guy’s dream…

Enter Donna Kelce…

Now, Travis and Jason’s mom isn’t the stone cold fox that Lisa Wilson is (sorry, Trav), but when moms are in the building, ol’ Zach is on the hunt.

And he’s dicing up the Kansas City defense in the process.

You think I’m kidding? I’m not alone…

The internet is having a field day with this theory:

How about Donna Kelce though?

Two NFL sons that everybody loves, hanging out with T-Swift in the suite, Jake from State Farm in Philly… the woman is just livin’ her best life.

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